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Free Essay On Teaching

The following essay is one that I wrote in the Fall Semester of 2008 in ECI 102- Introduction to Middle Grades Education.  ECI 102 is the first education class that I took at NC State, so I wrote this when I was truly beginning to learn about the education system and the teaching profession.  During the course, we were assigned to write an essay about our thoughts on what it meant to be an effective teacher.  We were told to reference our class textbook, the LEAD/SERVE conceptual framework at NC State, and the INTASC principles.  I learned a lot about effective teaching from writing this essay and I will strive to be an effective teacher in the near future. 

Tara Hill

ECI 102


Effective Teaching

There are many techniques, skills, and practices that can make a teacher effective.In my opinion, being an effective teacher means allowing an environment that enables students to learn in the classroom to their best abilities.When effective teaching is practiced, students develop a love for learning and gain new knowledge about what they are studying.Effective teaching can stem from many different practices and ideas such as attitude toward subject matter, implementing different learning styles into lessons, and being passionate about the subject being taught.All of these ideas can help a teacher become more effective in the classroom.It is true that effective teaching also allows students to better understand new material and difficult content.

Effective teaching takes time and effort.“Effective teaching is much more than an intuitive process. A teacher must continually make decisions and act on those decisions” (Cooper 149).Being a teacher means making several decisions concerning planning for instruction, developing teaching strategies, and evaluating outcomes of lesson plans.After a lesson is taught, it is crucial to make note if any changes are necessary for next time.If the lesson was successful, the teacher will know to keep using that strategy in the future.One of the main steps to becoming an effective teacher is to gain intimate knowledge toward the subject matter that will be taught in the classroom (Cooper, 149).Also, according to NC State’s College of Education’s LEAD/SERVE conceptual framework, an effective teacher must demonstrate an understanding of the education context.In other words, an effective teacher should be able to show that he or she is knowledgeable in the subject that is being taught.Another way to help students in the learning process is to make the content meaningful. For this to take place “the teacher understands the central concepts, tools of inquiry, and structures of the discipline he or she teachers and creates learning experiences that make these aspects of subject matter meaningful for students” (INTASC Principles).I believe that teaching the content in a way that students can relate to or in some way apply it into their own life will help them to understand it.

Another major factor in helping a teacher become effective is attitude. “Many people believe that the teacher’s personality is the most critical factor in successful teaching.If teachers have warmth, empathy, sensitivity, enthusiasm, and humor, they are much more likely to be successful than if they lack these characteristics” (Cooper 157).I definitely believe that this statement holds true.As I think back to high school, the teachers who had the most pleasant personalities inspired me to want to learn.Their personalities made such a huge difference when teaching because it made the class so much more fun and enjoyable. I also think that attitude toward subject matter is extremely important.The student can often tell if the teacher is passionate about what he/she is teaching.Being passionate about a subject encourages and inspires others to want to learn about it.I have found that teachers who clearly demonstrate no interest in what they are teaching tend not to be effective.After all, why should the students want to learn the material if the teacher finds it boring? Also, becoming a teacher leader could even encourage other teachers to develop a good attitude, which in turn, will benefit more students.A teacher’s attitude will more than likely influence the students.Also, having a positive outlook and being a role model for students will help with the learning process.After all, attitudes are contagious!

Additionally, effective teaching depends on if different learning styles are implemented into lesson plans.It is important for a teacher to realize that not every student learns in the same way. Some students may be better visual learners while others are better at hands on activities.Incorporating different learning styles will let each student have the ability to learn in a way that comes most natural to them.A teacher I observed once said to her students, “I am giving a variety of options for this project because each student deserves their chance to shine.”I have never forgotten this statement because I think it is so important to provide a variety of activities. According to Walburg, “using a variety of teaching models” is an important technique when it comes to being an effective teacher.Also, according to the INTASC principles, “The teacher understands how students differ in their approaches to learning and creates instructional opportunities that are adapted to diverse learners.”It is evident that it is necessary to be aware of the different ways that students process information and eventually learn the material.Another teacher that I observed was friendly yet strict with her students.I believe that it is necessary to make sure the students know that the teacher has the authority.However, I also believe that making sure students know that they can talk to their teacher when they have a problem is important.When I become a teacher, I want my students to know that they have my trust and can confide in me.Encouraging student involvement is another effective teaching strategy that I noticed when observing.It appeared to me that the students were engaged in the work they were doing and also in the material they were learning.This told me that this particular teacher was indeed practicing effective teaching methods.

When it comes to effective teaching, there are many techniques that can better a teacher’s ability to enable students to learn.As anyone can tell, becoming an effective teacher is not easy.It takes a lot of planning, patience, and hard work.However, no matter how much work it takes, I believe that taking these necessary steps are crucial to my success as a teacher.Changing the lives of students, providing them with new knowledge, and giving them the materials necessary to help lead a bright future is my priority.If this means doing anything that is in my control to become an effective teacher, then I will strive to do just that.

Effective Teaching Essay

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The educational world of today’s society demands accountability from its teachers, because, teachers have possibly the greatest opportunity to shape a students life, not just in terms of knowledge but how they view themselves and interact with the society around them. The increased accountability has lead to the necessity for being able to identify and quantitatively assess the characteristics of a quality teacher. In its most basic form a teacher's primary purpose is to provide direction, motivation and knowledge to students ( , ), however the effectiveness of a teacher should not be determined by their ability to impart knowledge alone, the scope in which they achieve this is also of immense importance ( , ). While the effect a teacher…show more content…

As mentioned earlier, teachers are in a prime position to influence students lives, and students are susceptible to absorbing and emulating their teachers, in particular their mannerisms and behaviours, for this reason effective teachers will, amongst other elements, display; punctuality; tidiness; polite, firm and fair interactions with students and confidence ( , ). Being professional alone will not achieve success, it requires a combination of many elements none more so than classroom management and all that it entails including proactive classroom management and promoting positive behaviour.
Developing a sound lesson plan is important to classroom management, however, effective classroom management centres around teachers being proactive the more that is known about a student the better prepared a teacher can be to cater to their needs, and thus yield the best results. By being aware of their students abilities, motivation, interests, learning style and behavioural issues effective teachers can avoid tasks or situations that may trigger negative or disruptive behaviours in their students. Effective teachers do not avoid, learning or behaviour problems in students ( , ), they treat them similarly in that they integrate social skills into their daily lessons as they would a mathematics concept. Instead of waiting for problems to emerge and reacting to them,

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